The Market Prospects of 4K TV Technology

March 21, 2019

In recent years, along with the increasing consumer demand for video clarity, the Video Imaging Industry is also undergoing a huge change. Due to the gradual maturity of Internet technology, the upgrade of audio-visual technology is faster than expected. Watching 1080p videos online has become a commonplace, and now 4K technology has become the next outlet in the Video Imaging Industry.

The 4K (Quad Full High Definition) technology refers to an implementation technology that enables the number of digitized horizontal pixels of a video to reach or close to 4096. Including imaging, transmission, and visualization.

4K technology is developing very rapidly in the film and television industry. Also, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can support 4K display. In addition, 4K technology for medical, scientific research, publicity and other fields has also been widely popularized. As we can see, 4K devices are flooding the electronic consumer market just like 4K TVs.

In response to market demands and keeping pace with the times, XFANIC is vigorously developing high-standard design, high-quality 4K ultra-high-definition video conversion products. And we will heading to a higher definitions, 5K and 8K in the meantime.