13 in 1 Triple Display Port Dock


Triple 4K Displays & Power Delivery: Connect 3x 4K monitors & charge your laptop (up to 85W) via USB-C.

Expand Your Setup: 5 USB ports for various devices.

Wired Network & Fast Transfers: Reliable internet & fast file transfer with dual card readers.

High-Quality Audio: Clear audio with 24-bit audio jack.

Second USB-C Port: Charges devices (up to 100W).


Product name:
13-in-1 USB-C 4K@60Hz, 10Gbps, multi-function docking station, supports three video expansion
Product selling point:
1. The product is designed with aluminum alloy material, which has good heat dissipation, wear resistance and anti-fingerprint, strong texture, compact and portable.
2. The HDMI extension function supports 4K@60Hz resolution and is backward compatible with 4K, 2K, and 1080p resolutions.
3. Product expansion port support, hot-swappable, plug-and-play, supports 1000Mbps wired network, and supports the use of peripheral USB flash drives, keyboard and mouse, and Bluetooth adapters.
4. Supports 100W upward power supply function; supports 10Gbps data transmission.
Product description:
This is an 13-in-1 multi-functional docking station that supports three video expansion, 4K video, and 10Gbps transmission rate, which solves the problem of missing function expansion in some notebook computers

1×USB-C with PD up to 85W

External Ports:
2×HDMI® 2.1:Single output max 3840 x 2160@60Hz
1×DP1.4:Single output max 3840 x 2160@60Hz
1×USB-C:USB3.2 Gen2,10Gbps
2×USB-A:USB3.2 Gen2,10Gbps
2×USB-A:USB3.2 Gen1,5Gbps
2×SD/TF3.0: Up to 104MB/s
1×Audio/Mic:Playback support 24bit192K sampling rate
1×USB-C:Support PD3.0 Max 100W charging

Cable Length: 20cm
Shell material: Aluminum + & ABS 
Product dimension: 165x70x20 mm