HDMI Extender 4K 1080P with RX TX

Model: V116

Resolution: 4K@30Hz/24 bit, 4K@60Hz/12 bit

Support: HDCP, EDID, CEC

Description of HDMI Extender

HDMI Fiber Extender s a RX & TX HDMI fiber extender for use with single-mode/multi-mode dual-core modules. It can realize long-distance and stable video transmission. 350 meters for multi-mode, 2 kilometers for single mode. Smooth picture quality without delay, strong anti-interference and high security. Wide compatibility, plug & play. With simple and solid iron shell design, and the beveled design of the lines and the strips makes the product more soft and beautiful.


1. This RX TX HDMI Extender no driver needed, plug & play.
2. Transmission distance up to 350 meters (Multi-mode fiber), 2 KM (Single mode fiber).
3. Stable transmission, smooth picture quality without delay, strong anti-interference and high security.
4. Simple and compact design.
5. HDCP, EDID, CEC supported.




1. HDMI TX/RX port:HDMI female

2. Fiber Module: Support 10G multimode dual-core and 10G single-mode dual-core 

3. Voltage/Current: 5V 1A

4. Standby power: ≤3W


1. Support HDMI 1.4 signal transmission, uncompressed, lossless.

2. Support 7.1-channel PCM surround sound and compressed audio.

3. HDCP, EDID, CEC signal real-time backhaul supported.

4. Support highest resolution up to 4K@30Hz/24 bit 4K@60Hz/12 bit.

5. Support longest distance up to 100km.



HDMI  Extender x 1
Power Adapter x 2
User Manual x 1