HDMI® Fiber Optical Extender 4K 1080P with RX TX

Model: V116

Resolution: 4K@30Hz/24 bit, 4K@60Hz/12 bit

Support: HDCP, EDID, CEC

Description of HDMI Extender

HDMI Fiber Extender s a RX & TX HDMI fiber extender for use with single-mode/multi-mode dual-core modules. It can realize long-distance and stable video transmission. 350 meters for multi-mode, 2 kilometers for single mode. Smooth picture quality without delay, strong anti-interference and high security. Wide compatibility, plug & play. With simple and solid iron shell design, and the beveled design of the lines and the strips makes the product more soft and beautiful.


1. This RX TX HDMI® Extender no driver needed, plug & play.
2. Transmission distance up to 350 meters (Multi-mode fiber), 2 KM (Single mode fiber).
3. Stable transmission, smooth picture quality without delay, strong anti-interference and high security.
4. Simple and compact design.
5. HDCP, EDID, CEC supported.

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1. HDMI® TX/RX port:HDMI® female

2. Fiber Module: Support 10G multimode dual-core and 10G single-mode dual-core 

3. Voltage/Current: 5V 1A

4. Standby power: ≤3W


1. Support HDMI 1.4 signal transmission, uncompressed, lossless.

2. Support 7.1-channel PCM surround sound and compressed audio.

3. HDCP, EDID, CEC signal real-time backhaul supported.

4. Support highest resolution up to 4K@30Hz/24 bit 4K@60Hz/12 bit.

5. Support longest distance up to 100km.



HDMI® Extender x 1
Power Adapter x 2
User Manual x 1