HDMI® Extender to Rj45 Uncompressed HDbset Ultra HD 4K 3D Over Cat5e/6

Model: V133

Resolution: 4K/ 1080P/ 1080i/ 720P/ 720i

Transmission Distance: 40M at 4K, 70M at 1080P


Description of HDMI Extender to RJ45

The HDMI Extender extends HDMI signals with a single cable. It breaks the distance limitation of HDMI cable transmission, and uses a pure copper cable (such as Cat6 cable) to connect 1 HDMI signal device (such as computer, set-top box, etc.) with 1 HDMI display device (such as TV, projector, LED).

Use the extender HDMI to implement one-to-one, one-to-many scenes for HDMI signal extension. And with HDMI 1.4 standard, the distance up to 40M at 4Kx2K@30Hz with smooth and clear pictures. It is application for display of outdoor, conference room, security monitoring and etc.


1. Support ultra HD resolution 3840*2160@30Hz and 3D video.
2. Signals transmission up to 40m at 4K@30Hz, 70M at 1080P over Cat5e/6 cables.
3. Audio & Video synchronization output.
4. Max 395 feet extends 1080P HDMI audio/ video signals over lan cable.
5. HDBaseT uncompressed technology, zero delay, no loss.
6. POE single-ended power supply, more convenient.
7. Bi-directional IR remote control.
8. 3-Stage Cascading Connection, achieving longer transmission up to 210M.
9. Plug & play, no need driver.

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